Horse Blankets

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  • We take pride in the Horse Blankets that we make.
  • We understand the Horse Blanket as much as a Horse Owner.
  • We understand the shape and pattern of the horse blanket.
  • Our Horse Blankets are made from very high quality fabrics woven at our dedicated facility.
  • Our blankets have finest fit  and stitching finish.
  • Our Horse Blankets are made very sturdy on all points that require utmost strength and safety for the animal.
  • We commonly use chest plates made of Santoprene which is a very strong, non tear able/breakable  plastic material.
  • All our bindings have a double stitch and both stitch hold on firmly to the shell fabric thus, ensuring a long lasting life to the product.
  • We use Poly- Propylene and  Polyester binding on our products.  The webbings that we use are firmly woven with the correct weight, thus enhancing the look and the life of the product.
  • All our accessories are tested to meet the specs and are strong enough to withstand the strength of the animal.
  • We manufacture Rugs, Combo, Neck Rugs, Hoods and Tail Bags.
  • Can offer in customized pattern and styles as per customers specifications

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